Find Your Community – You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

The road to success (however you define it) is usually not a walk in the park. It’s a journey that sometimes can resemble a battle field. It requires courage, discipline, stamina, vulnerability and patience, and more. But you don’t have to be alone out there.

A strategy, tools and a supportive community can help turn the battle into a beautiful journey of discoveries.

We are human beings. We all need support, be cheered on, be held accountable and sometimes a kick in the ass. Therefore surrounding ourselves with like-minded people can be a game-changer!


Not to be missed: Shakti Naam Classes in March

I’m so excited to be subbing two Shakti Naam Classes for the one and only Primavera Salva on Thursday March 14 and March 28 at Naam Yoga New York. Join me!

Register for the Shakti Naam Class at Naam Yoga, New York:



Monthly intenSati Workshops – Q1’19 Dates!

During the first part of the two-hour workshop, we explore the broader concept behind intenSati. It’s to think and take action independent of our current circumstances. We deep-dive into a specific topic such awareness, beliefs, goals, intentions or love. And design an action plan for the coming month.
The second part we dedicate to the intenSati workout created by Patricia Moreno.

2019 Q2 Dates on Sundays from 10:15 -12:15:

April 7
May 19
June 9

$30.- for one workshop and $75.- for all 3!

Register for intenSati workshops at Naam Yoga, New York:


Community-Building Networking Events

We all have unique and different skillsets and our strength lays in honing them. We can even turn them into a super-power, by meeting people with complementing strengths. There lies real power in teaming up and collaborating with someone else.  The most successful collaborations are based on mutual trust and respect. That is fostered by making a human connection with someone. And we truly connect when we show up as ourselves and have the courage to be vulnerable.

I collaborate with a number of amazing people on an a series of events. We invite an intimate group to engage over a specific topic. The goal is to genuinely connect with one another and in the process build a supportive community-based network.

To learn more about the invitation-only events contact me:


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