Find Your Community –
Together We Evolve As Indviduals And The Culture Of Your Oragnization

We are human beings, wired for connection and community to feel supported, cheered on or  to be held accountable. As indivduals we have unique strengths and perspectives. So when we come together we can build on each other and create magic! If you are on a journey of self-development and want to live your best life or are in the game of changing your organization’s corporate culture – here you can find your tribe!

The Sati Community offers daily 30 mins workouts –
join me on Sundays at 12pm EDT!

Now more than ever we need to strengthen our bodies, hearts and minds to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healty! 

That’s why the intenSati community offers FREE 30 mins workouts everyday at 12pm EDT.
During the week there is also a morning class at 9:30 am.

No registration required, just go to the Patricia Moreno‘s, the founder of intenSati, YouTube channel (here) and get moving.

I’m teaching every Sunday at 12pm EDT – join me!

Missed it? No worries – catch the replay here 🙂

The NYC Chapter of Culture Collective


Together with Kelsey Ley and Tom Kelley, I recently co-founded the NYC Chapter of The Culture Collective.

Join us on Friday, May 29 from 12:30-1:45pm EDT for our 3rd event. 

Given the current situation, drawing boundaries between work and home-life can be a challenge. That’s why we invited company culture expert, MaryBeth Hyland founder of SparkVision, to lead us in identifying, implementing, and maintaining boundaries for ourselves, our family, and our work. This will be our third event, intended for thought leaders interested in building a community and influencing their organization’s culture.

Register here for our Lunch & Learn!