I believe…

…we have ONE life. To live it in a meaning- and successful way – however we identify success – we have to integrate who we are with what we do at all times. That includes before, during and after work!

As individuals, we are responsible for igniting and kindling our own SPARK. This happens when we can tap into our talent, skills and knowledge, find meaning and our purpose. AND live that authentically, also at work.

Organizations are responsible for creating an environment and culture that recognizes their employees’ sparks, fuels and integrates them. In this case, those sparks turn into a FIRE.

If this this applied consistently, we can create a win-win situation for both employees and organizations.

I SPARK OUR FIRE – the Approach

I SPARK OUR FIRE is based on this belief. It’s a recipe to creating a culture conducive to engaged employees who impact the bottom line in alignment with their own and the company’s values and objectives.

Watch the recording of my keynote to learn more about it:


Image: @andreeabballenphotography