My Story

My first wake-up call was a friend calling me out as an unreliable, mean drunk.

Yet, it took an even worse relapse, a burn-out and a physical move to New York to truly wake up. In NYC I chose a spiritual path and went on a self-development journey. With dedication and by putting in the work, I have been able to stop self-sabotaging and instead turn this into a success story

In this process, I’ve learnt two invaluable lessons:

  1. I need to own who I am and show up as my true authentic self. Therefore, integrating who I am into all parts of my life including work, friends, family and even strangers makes all the difference
  2. A strategy and tools are key. Even more important though is who I surround myself with. Real friends support, push and hold me accountable to follow through on my goals

My vision of a success story is to live the best life I possibly can and make a difference. For myself, my loved ones and beyond the people I know. I’m doing my part to make this world a better place!

I intend to inspire and enable others to change the narrative of their story as well. Hence here I’m sharing my story, the lessons learnt and the strategies and tools I’ve gathered along the way.

As a passionate communications professional and Corporate Culture Champion, I’m also applying the same concept to the workplace. A Corporate Culture is the environment we operate in. It’s guided by a set of values and behavioral norms, and created by our common understanding and implementation of them.

My goal is to evolve Corporate Cultures to environments that allow employees to show up as their authentic selves. To shape them into a place where employees are able to bring everything they have to offer to the table. And lastly, Corporate Cultures should be a (support) system, providing employees with the tools and processes, and hold them accountable to be successful.

Watch the recording of my Fearless Force speech to learn more about my story:


Image: @karenobrist