I SPARK – a tool to ignite our authentic, whole best self

I SPARK – a tool to ignite our authentic, whole best self

COVID has been a blessing in disguise for me on all levels. My personal mantra is #integratewhoyouarewithwhatyoudo. I believe that we all have our own unique SPARK comprised of our strengths, what we are passionate about, our purpose, values and beliefs. It makes us who we are and is our super power. Often though we aren’t showing up as our authentic self. We are too conditioned to fit into societal norms, live up to other people’s expectations or whatever the reason may be.

Showing up, fully embracing our SPARK and integrating it into everything we do sometimes takes courage. But when we do, it liberates us and is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the world around us.

So why has COVID been a blessing? There are really two reasons:

Bringing my SPARK to work

  1. I manage internal communications and lead a community of culture champions to evolve the culture of our organization. My SPARK is my spirituality and (com)passion for people and culture. My approach to work is very heart-based and focused on building trust and creating human connections among employees, including our senior leadership. COVID has shown that this is needed more than ever. Knowing that I can tap into my SPARK to do my best and most impactful work gives me a huge sense of fulfillment and fuels me to do better.

Integrating more of what I love into my (work)day

  1. Outside of work I have a number of engagements that I’m very passionate about. I teach intenSati, a spiritual cardio workout that combines empowering movement with intention setting and positive affirmations. I’ve co-founded the NYC Chapter of Culture Collective and we host events bringing together culture champions who want to impact their company’s culture. I’m getting certified in the XCHANGE approach to facilitate conversations with exponential outcomes. And I continue to hone my public speaking skills through Fearless Communicators. Because we are working remotely and most activities have shifted to an online format, I get to structure my day differently and integrate more of these things into my day. This is very energizing, gives me a sense of balance and overall makes me feel I’m living a more satisfying life. This is important because we only have ONE life, and everything we do is part of it.

Last year I launched my ultimate passion project, I SPARK OUR FIRETM. It’s a two part approach. I SPARK is designed to unlock people’s strengths and passions so they can bring their whole best self to work. OUR FIRE aims at creating corporate cultures that support and foster that. Why? Because when employees thrive, the business thrives.

OUR FIRE is a collective approach but everyone can ignite their own SPARK. It’s not just applicable to work but our entire life. Tapping into my SPARK and integrating it more into my day has greatly enhanced my work and life overall. Hence I wanted to share the tool more broadly. We are collectively going through a transformation, and it’s my hope to contribute something that helps us to come out of it stronger.

I SPARK – every step of the process

I’ve recorded a short video (click here or see below) that includes the backstory of why I created I SPARK OUR FIRE in and outlines every step of the process. I SPARK:

  • Getting grounded in our IDENTIY
  • Activating our STRENGTHS
  • Getting inspired by our PASSIONS
  • Committing to taking ACTION
  • Having the courage to ROAR
  • Embracing KINDNESS throughout the process

Please share it widely if you feel inclined to do so.  Also, I would love to hear what your SPARK is and how you integrate it into your life!

Uncover your autentic, whole-best self by getting out of your mind and into your body. Ignite your own SPARK and integrate who you are with what you do on a daily basis to find more meaning and purpose in your life, including work!

Author: Barbara Sennrich

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