Creating The Circumstances For My Best Self

Creating The Circumstances For My Best Self

Almost 5 years ago I came to New York because I loved the energy of the city and thought here anything was possible. That’s what I had signed up for. Alas, I work in New Jersey and cross the Stateline four times a week. However, it’s not a terrible commute at all. In fact, I’ve even come to appreciate it and use the time really well. Nevertheless, I’m still leaving NYC to go to the suburbs. And I’m not thrilled about that. These are not the circumstances I had originally in mind. It’s not the dream of my NYC life! These are ot the circumstances in which I can be my best self.

Being the architect of my situation

The reality is that I do have a job in NJ and I spend most of my week there. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be living my dream.

The Wing Membership

This week I activated my The Wing membership and I’m beyond thrilled. The Wing is work and community space designed for women with three spaces in NYC, the originallocation in Flatiron, SoHo and DUMBO. Also, they are rapidly expanding across the country, so I even have a home away from home when traveling.

Fridays I work from home and now I’ll be working from The Wing. So finally I get the feeling of being part of the hustle and bustle. Being where the action is happening. A place where I can fully express myself  and be part of a bigger cause. There are a lot of extremely interesting women at the Wing and it’s a very supporting community. Their mission is the advancement of women through community.

Embracing your whole self

I’ve worked in open plan environments for years, so tuning out the noise and focusing on what I need to do isn’t a problem. Yet, if I need a break, some inspiration or get a different perspective, it’s right there in front of me.

It’s important to me to commune with people who share the same values, have a strong purpose and pursue their dreams. It energizes me. Most importantly though, I feel save in that environment. I know, at the Wing I can bust out my goddess cards to affirm a hunch about a project without being judged. I don’t think I would that in the NJ office.

Yet, exactly BECAUSE I trust my inner guidance and can tap into that gift I’m good at what I do. It’s part of me. So being able to fully embrace that side, unleashes my full potential. It’s my own responsibility to create the circumstances that allow me to tap into all of my strengths. In fact, not just circumsntances that allow, but even nurture and cultivate all aspects of my uniquness. There is always a way to make that happen, no matter the situation .

What circumstances do you need to bring your whole self to work, allowing you to tap into all your gifts and embrace your uniqueness?

Author: Barbara Sennrich

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