Delivering Meals Like A Field Agent On A Mission

Delivering Meals Like a Field Agent on a Mission

To integrate who I am with what I do is my life’s mission! Now, sometimes ‘who I am’ also means ‘who I want to be’.

I’ve always wanted to be a spy or some sort of secret agent working for the CIA or MI6, or any other secret service for that matter. For the longest time I’ve been hoping that one day I would be recruited by the agency. After all I do speak five languages, I’m in great shape (most of the time at least), love to take spontaneous trips and want to make the world a better place. I figured everything else I needed to know I would learn in my training. Well, so far that hasn’t happened yet.

Instead, there have been other ways to integrate my slight obsession with the secret service into my life. A few weeks ago I went to SPASCAPE with a number of friends to discover our inner spies. Needless to say that I LOVED every moment of it. It was great! Read my friend Colleen’s post describing our unforgettable Missions & Martinis evening. One thing I will say, part of the experience is that our skills get tested and based on the results we get a personalized profile, and I got ‘Handler’ (note, Colleen did too, so more on the profile in her story). That was a little disappointing, given my dream of being a field agent.

Unexpected doors open up, literally…

But there is a happy end – or at least a happy mid-point as I still haven’t given up on the call (or whatever the form of getting in contact will be) from the spy recruiter…

The other thing I’m really passionate about integrating into my life is volunteering. So a few weeks ago I’ve started to deliver meals for God’s Love We Deliver in my lunch break on Fridays. Never in a million years would I have thought that volunteering would be my ticket to feeling like a secret agent in the field. It’s almost too good to be true – TWO of my passions are merging!

So how exactly does volunteering make me feel like a secret agent? Here are my proof-points:

  1. I have a handler, he gives me my assignments every week
  2. I get a brief, a list with all the clients who receive meals
  3. But most importantly, the pick-up place for the meals I’m delivering is no joke: A church on the UWS. Even better, the meals are located behind the tiniest door between the first and second floor in the back of the church and there is the sign to the right on the door. I mean… doesn’t this have SECRET MISSION written all over it?!?

And just like this, Friday has become the most badass day of the week. I get to volunteer and feel like a secret agent on a mission. Most importantly though, I’m productive and inspired like on no other day because I’m fueled by what makes me happy.

How do you fuel your passion and integrate who you are with what you do? Leave a comment and let me know.




Author: Barbara Sennrich

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