Going For A Walk Is My Super Weapon

Going For A Walk Is My Super Weapon

I’m at the Wing Soho and just can’t get my mind to focus. The plan was to work on my speech but I just can’t get in the flow. I can’t even seem to get started. Maybe I’m dehydrated and I need a glass of water? Refreshing, but now I need to pee… Maybe I need some food in my belly? Yummy but now I feel full and tired… How can I get my head around this? The one thing that has never failed me when I lack inspiration is going for a walk. Walking has become my super weapon as it works like a charm. I noticed this by accident last summer down at the Jersey Shore.

Earlier that summer we started a VirginPulse Challenge at work – the goal was to walk as many steps in groups of max 10 people. Now, I have a competitive personality and I love to move,  so of course I was in. I ordered a fitfit and started to track my steps. Living in Manhattan, I walk a lot anyway and I was curious to see what my daily movements would add up to. 30,000 steps a day was the maximum that could be tracked per day, so naturally I made that my daily goal. Given how I active I am, I figured that this wouldn’t be too hard. Let me tell you, it is! I walked EVERYWHERE and most days I still had to go for a run after work to get those steps in.

Just walking, nothing else

So naturally, when I spent time at the beach that summer, I would go for walks. I love the sounds at the beach, especially hearing the waves crash. Hear the water come close to the beach and go back out again. These sounds are soothing and healing. I strolled along the beach without my headphones so I could hear the waves. And that’s when I discovered that during these walks the most amazing connections would form in my brain. I came up with ideas, had epiphanies and mental breakthroughs. It was quite incredible.

So I started a new habit and created pockets during my day to walk and think. I have even planned more time into my commute so I could walk to the bus in the morning instead of hopping on a citibike or taking the subway. And at lunchtime I make it a point to go outside for a lap around the pond next to the office. Often my colleagues Theresa or Linda would come along and we chat or even talk about work. However, often I go alone to create some space for my mind to do its thing.

Connecting with my inner guidance

So I went for a walk to find some inspiration for my speech but all I could find on the way was a muffin and a few aha moments related to places I found roaming around Soho. I probably didn’t give my brain enough time to actually get into the flow – in the morning when I’m relaxes it doesn’t take long but when I’m stressed it can take up to 20 minutes to get in that optimal state. In the elevator however finally a helpful thought hit me. I would just shift gears and instead of brewing over my speech, I would write this blog post and see what it unleashes… I’m sure it will help with my mental block in one way or another. At the very least, I won’t feel I utterly wasted my time as there will be some creative output.

What do you do when you are lacking inspiration? I’d love to hear your hacks, please share them in the comments below.

Author: Barbara Sennrich

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