I SPARK OUR FIRE – Reignited!

I SPARK OUR FIRE – Reignited! 

At the end of April I launched my big I SPARK OUR FIRE idea and then got distracted and maybe a little scared.  At first I was hungover from the adrenalin rush that coursed through my veins during and after the event. So I gave myself a break to recover. In July, I went to Tokyo for work and I immersed myself in learning Japanese. At the same time my best friend had a baby-girl. So naturally I traveled to Switzerland to meet baby Zoe. Then I started traveling with my friend Colleen who took her solo-show “That’s Not How It Happened” on an international Fringe tour. It was amazing! I loved being on the road with her. I was basking in my role as Jack of all trades supporter and Stage Manager – I love a fancy title!  It feels good to be supportive of others. And let’s face it, it’s the perfect out not having to focus on the stuff that I should be doing.

The Feeling of Shame and Guilt When Not Following Through

Despite the great adventures of the summer, I battled with shame. Was haunted by the feeling that I was a failure because I wasn’t pursuing my dream. I set the goal to share my idea with 1,000 people in 2019 to start a conversation about bringing our best self to work and creating environments that enable employees to thrive. I also felt a tremendous amount of guilt for not showing up for my Sati365 group as their accountability leader. And as these downward spiral work – the more shame and guilt I felt, the more I retrieved.

But when you find your passion and figure out what you are supposed to do, you can’t go back. So I reignited my own SPARK and started to put my head around it again.

Inspiration Comes to Rescue

Three years ago, my friends Liv & Lucy and I came up with an idea to build a members’ club that integrates co-working, self-development and physical activation and also has a social aspect to it. We had a vision and even a name – TRIO. I was always passionate about bringing this concept to organizations because I live in the corporate world and see so much potential to make it a better place. Liv’s passion has always been the creation of the actual space. And – drum rolls please… – early October she opened the doors of TRIO as a pop-up at a restaurant in Soho. Holy shit, she made it happen. She didn’t let go of the dream. She couldn’t ignore the calling.

Of course I went and spend the day working out of Trio. Pictured to the right is the affirmation of the day I picked as I entered the space. I AM MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Hell yes, you bet. And that’s when I knew that I couldn’t let go of the dream. That I couldn’t ignore the calling.  That I had to turn my own SPARK into a FIRE, so that I could make a difference.

Thank you inspiration for having my back and kicking my ass. Itfeels good to be back on track!

TRIO is open every Tuesday as of November 5 until the end of the year – sign up here! And guess who’s facilitating an I SPARK OUR FIRE workshop on December 3?!?!?

Holy shit, it’s happening!

What are you passionate about? How can you make a difference? I’m gladly passing on the inspiration that came to my rescue!


Author: Barbara Sennrich

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